Op-Ed: Next Up Thanks to Big Tech – Cameras in All Offices, Diet Monitoring

Original Article: https://www.westernjournal.com/op-ed-next-thanks-big-tech-cameras-offices-diet-monitoring/ 

Amazon’s recent move should anger every conservative who values the privacy rights of Americans. Acting as an extension of the liberal nanny-state, the e-commerce giant — owned by the world’s richest man — recently forced delivery drivers to sign “biometric consent” forms to continue working for the company.

Under Amazon’s privacy policy, drivers must consent to sharing photographs used to verify their identity; vehicle location and movements (including “miles driven, speed, acceleration, braking, turns, following distance”); “potential traffic violations” (such as speeding, failing to stop at stop signs and having seatbelts unbuckled); and “potentially risky driver behavior, such as distracted driving or drowsy driving.”

In the name of “safety,” Amazon employees must agree to being surveilled by artificial intelligence or risk losing their jobs.

3 Responses

  1. Good let Big Tech use such & hope to see employees leave en masse: resign, retire early.
    Test model.
    May effect social platforms too.
    To monitor diets?
    State run survelliance via For Profit Big Tech
    Scary if applied to other companies nationwide Non Big Tech.

  2. If you work for the Beast, you obey the Beast.
    Government-Corporate is the Beast.
    Mom&Pop’s that offer Healthcare Insurance for employees will also be Subject to the rules of the Beast.
    Returning to Individual Liberty and Freedoms is no longer an option unless you are self-employed and willing to forego health insurance, but eventually only a handful of people will go Off Grid and sustain themselves.

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