Athletic Privilege

“If you went to any college in America, if you grew up in high school in America, then you know, there’s only one group that actually has the practice and has the capability of evading the criminal justice system; And that’s famous athletes.

From the time I was a very little kid, I can remember athletes got away with everything and hasn’t changed today. The fact that LeBron James, for example, or Donovan, Mitchell seemed to be so concerned about inequities in the criminal justice system is quite laughable. Time and time again, I find athletes, famous athletes, that belong to the NFL, the NBA, they’re picked up and arrested for beating their girlfriends. They’re picked up and arrested for DUI. They’re picked up and arrested for crashing their vehicles, because they went speeding, carelessly down a highway in LA. They’re picked up time and time again, and time and time again, they’re let go. It is not white privilege. It is not black privilege. It is athletic privilege. That is the true inequity in the criminal justice system. And so if you want to start at a place to protest, LeBron, if you want to start at a place to protest, Donovan, start there with your friends on your team.”