Planes Steak & water

“Racist, sexist, fascist, unqualified” are just some of the hate-speech epithets your friends may have used to describe Donald Trump. But in the privacy of the ballot box you’re going to vote for The Donald anyway. Isn’t it about time you learned how to defend the choice you know in your heart is the right one? This book arms Trump supporters with anecdotes and information they can use to refute the disinformation spread by Anti-Trump forces on the Left and Right. Planes, Steak & Water shatters the elite’s lies about the fall of the GOP, Trump’s past with women, his attitude toward African-Americans, his business dealings, and his supposed racism. Trump supporters will gain confidence and a build a solid foundation for persuading friends, families, and foes alike to climb aboard the Trump Train.



“What you heard here today was a game-changer in politics!”

-Cleta Mitchell – Washington DC

“That is the best damn speech i have ever heard period…end of sentence…signed sealed delivered.”

-The lady in white.

“What you are doing could single-handedly change america; you are welcome here anytime.”

-Debbie Georgatos – Dallas, TX

“I wanted to meet you but too crowded, you certainly inspired us all…”

-Linda Johnson – West Palm Beach, FL

“Powerful and Anointed”

-Martha Huckabay New Orleans, LA